Worldwide Facts About Falsies!

Worldwide Facts About Falsies!


As a fellow denture wearer, I am sure that you probably felt like I did when you learned that not having teeth would be a better solution for you!  I’m sure you felt alone, annoyed, and overwhelmed!  I know I did!

However, after doing lots of research as to what the right options were for me and also for you in this business, I realized that I am one of many!  You are too!

The worldwide average percentage of the population that wears dentures is 19%!  Nineteen percent of people are just like you!  

Believe it or not, there’s also a scientific term for those of us who are dentally challenged!  It’s “edentulous.”  Say that five times really fast!  LOL.  Regardless, when it comes to needing dentures, you are not alone!

You are part of one in five people in the world that are “edentulous!”

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