The History of the Tooth Fairy!

Although we wish we could get a bit of money for every tooth that we lose instead of shelling out to replace them, the legend of the Tooth Fairy is something that intrigues us at DIY Denture Shop.

With a history starting in Old Norse mythology, the Tooth Fairy is a mythical creature with a centuries-old tradition.  The Vikings believed that taking the lost teeth to battle with them would create good luck in their missions.  Instead of just taking the teeth, they felt that the child should be compensated for giving them an upper hand on their enemies.  Hence, this is how the tradition of giving coins for baby teeth started.

Spreading to other countries in Northern Europe, this tradition has been passed down for many generations and to many different countries.  With America’s long-standing tradition of European immigration, we have always had the Tooth Fairy in our culture and most of us still practice this tradition to this day!

At DIY Denture Shop, we want to be your Tooth Fairy by offering you affordable replacement teeth in the form of partial or full denture sets that will be sure to make you smile!