About Us


After years of experiencing shame and anxiety due to missing teeth, I made a decision to take control of the situation. Through extensive experimentation and testing of various materials and concepts, the first,  Original DIY Denture Product was conceived in 2018. I am not only the creator but also a user of this product, giving me a unique advantage. This personal experience has granted me a profound understanding of customer needs, enabling me to provide superior assistance to you.

My objective is to support individuals who, like myself, have faced similar challenges with their denture requirements. This motivation prompted me to establish this shop. Armed with a dash of expertise, a touch of determination, and some dedicated effort, you too can craft the smile you’ve always envisioned in a budget-conscious environment.

Beyond the pursuit of aesthetics, DIY Denture Shop encompasses a more profound purpose. It is a manifestation of my aspiration to aid others in attaining optimal mental well-being that radiates through their smiles. Thank you immensely for considering us, and I wish you a gratifying shopping experience as well as countless joyful smiles.  

- April Ritchie