Something to Chew On!


One of the things that we’ve all experienced in our lives is the various ways that people attempt to incorporate into their lives in an effort to lose weight.  Long before there were Keto and Atkin’s diets, there was one that got a lot of attention in 1903.

Dubbed as “The Chewing Diet,” this weight loss method that was created by art dealer, Horace Fletcher, was a way to lose weight through chewing each bite of food between thirty-two and eighty times.  What this excessive chewing did was not only liquefy each bite of food but also promoted weight loss by spitting out what was left after each excessive chewing session.

Sure, people lost weight through this bizarre diet method, but they also lost something else.  That would be their health.  It quickly became apparent that chewing your food so excessively didn’t allow for your body’s normal process of digestion and people quickly became malnourished through this method.

What’s this got to do with dentures, you ask?  Good question.  Unfortunately, those who are living their lives with no teeth are forced to also live their lives missing out on foods they love.  A lack of teeth can also give you effects of “The Chewing Diet” without the thirty-two to eighty times of chewing per forkful.

Teeth are important for your nutrition.  Bottom line.  Whether they be your own natural set of pearly whites or the prosthetic of dentures, one needs to have teeth to gain full nutritional value from their foods.  That’s where DIY Denture Shop comes into play.  Not only do we provide you with the highest quality denture supplies and DIY denture materials but we also promote good health.  Both mental and physical.  

Now, that’s something to chew on.