Denture Mishaps to Make You Laugh!

Denture Mishaps to Make You Laugh

Anybody that wears dentures knows that although they make you look better and feel great, there can be times when the occasional mishap occurs.  Check out these funny stories for a reason to smile today and show off those “falsies!”

  • During her 102nd birthday party, Grandma Louise Bonito blew out her birthday candles and also her dentures!  Her granddaughter uploaded the video to Instagram where it went viral!  What a way to become famous!
  • On the Price is Right, a showcase winner was jumping up and down excitedly when her tooth popped out of her partial and went rolling across the stage.  The winner then chased it down and popped it right back in her mouth!  Needless to say, Drew Carrey couldn’t stop laughing!
  • Even worse, during this bride’s wedding, she and her newly betrothed were drinking from the alter cup, and her teeth fell right in it!

Sure, these are all funny stories, but they do leave us with a lesson to learn!  Always make sure your dentures are snug using our denture adhesive!  DIY Denture Shop is committed to helping you have a great smile and keeping it there!