Cold Weather and Your Dentures

Have you ever noticed that your dentures don’t fit right in winter and fall? Don’t worry, you’re not imagining things with your false teeth. Your dentures are actually at their most vulnerable during the colder months and it’s got nothing to do with Christmas and all of that good food you’re eating. The real culprit is the winter weather temps and they are responsible for a big spike in denture breakages during the winter months.

Cold weather has two main effects on traditional acrylic dentures:

1 – It makes them brittle

2 – It can cause them to loosen around your gums because they don’t fit right.

When they become brittle, cold dentures lose what little flexibility they had and are far more susceptible to breaking in two or losing teeth from them. This makes cleaning a tricky task and extra care needs to be performed when handling them.  For a small bit of added safety, partially fill your sink with water before beginning to clean the denture so that you don’t drop it against the bowl by accident.  The water will soften the blow and you will be more likely to avoid a denture disaster!