Plant An Immediate Smile On Your Face!

When it comes to choosing the right look for your smile, it is a personal decision.  One of the reasons that people choose us other than our high-quality DIY denture products is also because we have the ability to assist them financially.

Sure, we’ve all heard about “dental implants” and how they can avoid having to walk around with missing teeth or even going through the hassle of having a bridge made.  However, these other options are very costly!  The average price for one dental implant tooth is between $3000-$4500!  That’s not something to smile about!

Not only that, but dental implants take months to complete!  Another discouraging factor is that sometimes you may not have enough bone or gums to have a successful dental implant. 

With our DIY dentures, you can avoid other high-priced options while also getting immediate satisfaction with your smile!  Give us a shout to find out how you can smile while also keeping your bank account grinning as well!